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A fixed deposit (FD) is a financial instrument provided by Indian banks which provides investors with a higher rate of interest than a regular savings
account, until the given maturity date . It may or may not require the creation...
Recurring Deposits are a special kind of Term Deposits offered by banks in India which help people with regular incomes to deposit a fixed amount every month
into their Recurring Deposit account and earn interest at the rate applicable...
Daily Deposit Scheme is a monetary deposit scheme introduced to help daily wage earners, small traders, to inculcate saving habits and also as a way of
unding their bigger capital requirements. In this scheme money can be...
The Monthly Interest Scheme is tailored for those individuals who regularly need money to supplement their income i.e. each month.
Interest earned on your deposit becomes another source of income.
Welcome to Aditya Anagha Multi State Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd.
What is the success ? Is success is related to end number of branches? i.e Expansion? or when the people know you as a leader? No for Aditya-Anagha success is what, whether the people with you are "A good Citizen" ? Yes for Aditya-Anagha the success is meant first to develop the employee as a good human being rather than a good performer. If he/she is a good person he/she is definately a good performer.

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