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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Aditya-Anagha Multi-State Credit Co-operative Society Ltd., Nagpur
379, Ganesh Nagar, Azamshaha Layout, Nagpur-440 009

Aditya-Anagha Multi-state Credit Co-operative Society Ltd., Nagpur, having Registration No.-MSCS/CR/398/2011, registered address at 379, Ganesh Nagar, Azamshaha Layout, Nagpur-440 009 incepted its business on 02nd Oct 2011 with a single branch. Aditya-Anagha is having geographical limits restricted to State of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh State and Raipur District of Chhattisgarh State. Aditya Anagha is operating with 67* Branches having Deposit base of Rs. 795 Crores, Loans and Advances of Rs. 358 Crores with a Share Capital of Rs. 38 Crores.

Aditya-Anagha is a first born Multi-State Credit Cooperative society which is ISO 9001: 2015 certified organization, with define “Vision” & “Mission” since inception. After completion of Decade, now Society has introduce core “Values” too.
Aditya Anagha is a process and system driven organization which is known for “Cooperative Society with a Corporate Touch”. The society has maintained its consistent track record of business development, profitability, productivity, payment of dividend to its esteemed shareholder’s and benefits to staff members.
The Board of the society works in unity, dedication, sincerity, commitment in every planning & decision, policy making and further progress of the society.
Since the society’s establishment, the society continued to play productive roll of discharging its social commitments and the aegis of community services, Responsibility, Culture, Tradition and follow principle of“Professionalism with Emotions”. Aditya-Anagha actively participate in social activities like Woman empowerment, Development of Underprivileged people and Tree plantation called “Go Green Go Neem”. Aditya Anagha also conducted various programs for the society’s members like ‘Sarwa Dharma Wiwaha Samarambha, Mahila Din, Samajik Karyakram, Paryawaran, Vruksha Ropan, Dipawali – Pahat, Geet Sangeet Aayojan, Health checkup, Sanskrutik karyakram, Dahi- Handi, Wrudhashram, Holly festival and programs have been specially designed for the customers and for the former members of the society.
All these programs have been taken for business growth, customer’s segmentation with the intention to provide personalized and priority services, standardization of process, de-risking of operations and for focusing on retail business. We are providing our services to all sections of the society, new product and schemes were assigned and also for effective marketing of the society’s products and services to the cross section of society, covering individuals, Institution and entrepreneurs. We have also taken internal and external training programs for selected existing staff members which were extensively trained for marketing and sales and also on product knowledge with a view to reaching out to small businessman, entrepreneurs, proprietorship concerns etc.

Aditya Anagha’s Sustainable Growth & Futuristic Vision
Aditya- Anagha is having broad futuristic vision to sustain in todays cut throat competition. Aditya-Anagha always try to evaluate and introspect itself at every new step with the help of SWOT analysis i.e. Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats which is most important for overall business growth.

To provide more faster and efficient operational services to their customers Aditya Anagha tries to adopt new advance Technology. Recently Aditya Anagha has migrated all Branches with Head office from offline system software to new advance online Netwin “Core Banking System”. Aditya Anagha has provide new special Mobile collection Application for their Business associates. Society believe to serve the public in large with utmost comfort & Satisfaction through service & world class infrastructure.

Aditya-Anagha is also looking some corporate tie ups with other financial organizations by adopting concept of one-stop shop. With this Aditya- Anagha can provide multiple financial services, non-financial services to their customers. At presently Aditya Aditya has made tie up with MSEDCL for Energy Bill collection. With clear vision, Aditya-Anagha wants to become Lighthouse in co-operative sector and profit making organization in terms of Business for which Aditya Anagha is extensive working on effective marketing activities and using new techniques & tools to generate Brand image in competitive world.

Aditya-Anagha is more customer centric offers attractive rate of interest on Deposits and Advances. Since inception Aditya Aditya has followed its vision and mission and showing stable growth in last 11 years.