Welcome to Aditya Anagha Multi State Credit Co-Op. Society

What is the success? Is success is related to end number of branches?? i.e Expansion????? or when the people know you as a leader???? No for Aditya-Anagha success is what, whether the people with you are “A good Citizen”? Yes for Aditya-Anagha the success is meant first to develop the employee as a good human being rather than a good performer. If he/she is a good person he/she is definately a good performer.

Secondly what is the secret behind the success of Aditya-Anagha? There might be end number of answers to these queries, such as “System & Process”, well defined “Vision & Mission”, best Management, Advance & latest technology, creditability of the Management and the Society, the social commitment and above all.“The Professionalism with the Emotion”.

“The Professionalism with the Emotion”.

If you are professionally driven you should be professional with the rigidity but if you drive professionalism with emotions, you are in the best of best. People needs sympathy, appreciation and motivation to perform and we are on the right track. I agree that these all and various other aspects are must for success. But at the same time in my opinion the foremost secret formula for success is an exchange of thoughts and views between the management and the customer, Management and the staff and between the Management and the Agents, who are the real strength of the society.

Aditya-Anagha was incepted in 2011 with a mere Share Capital of 10,00,000/- Rs. and 190 members. Today, it stand erect on this foundation with a Share Capital of morethan Rs. 30 Crores with strength of 1,82,000 members &deposit base of Rs. 795 Crores, loan disbursement of Rs. 358 crore, 67* branches in 3 states of India. The growth of the society is going to be an ever-going process and so will be our social commitment. One can’t the overlook or deny the fact that the society has always fulfilled its social commitments since the beginning. Society continue to receive recognition on various levels.

Society was awarded with

“SahyadriArthratnaPuraskar”, “Jewel of India Award”, “Rajiv Gandhi Sanman”, “Best Performance Award for Excellence in Social & Education”, “Star of India”, “Pride of India”, “Asia Pacific International Award”, “Indira Gandhi Excellance Award”, “BANKO AWARD” and more.

 “SMERA RATINGS LIMITED” recognized and awarded society “SMERA MSE-2”, which indicates “High Credit Worthiness in relation to other MSEs” and also indicates -“Financial Strength- High” “Operating Performance- High”

 Our teamwork and your sincere wishes have allowed us to remain in the foremost position. We will continue to give our best to achieve the best for you. I hope to receive your warm wishes and blessings forever.

"I hope to receive your warm wishes and blessings forever."
Anagha S. Saraf
Chief Promoter/ Founder