Save more with our Big Return Plans. At Aditya-Anagha, we have an array of deposit products that offer high returns on your hard earned money.

Deposit Scheme in Aditya Anagha Multi State Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd.

Aditya Anagha Multi State Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd. membership comes with an array of products, services and features that allow you to grow and manage your personal finances online, on-the-go or in a branch. It’s everything you want from your financial partner.

Saving Deposit Account

A simple account with optimum rate of interest to deposit your savings and have better returns.

Recurring Deposit Scheme

Keep aside a part of your earnings with our handcrafted RD Schemes that offer big returns on your money.

Fortune Deposit Scheme

One of our highest paying deposit scheme that is sure to bring you fortune, upon your savings for longer term.

Fast Track Cumulative Deposit Scheme

Save your money for a quick fixed time and get amazing returns upon maturity with this scheme.

Swarnima Scheme

Double your money in 86 months

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