“Because the small savings help achieve bigger dreams”

We at Aditya Anagha care and understand the value of small savings. Our Pigmy Deposit concept is similar to that of Piggy bank. This especially curated plan is for your small day to day savings that will help you save your hard-earned money on daily basis with us.

Aditya Anagha mobile application for collection agents assists you with Mobile Money Collection process with just a single tap to help you ease your savings through your handset.

  • Short term Investment option specially for Small & Medium Scale Entrepreneur on Daily Basis.
  • ROI @2.2% p.a.
  • Only 6 Months Locking Period.
  • Instant Pigmy Loan Facility up to 80% on pigmy Deposit with @14% ROI.
  • Eligible for Loan facility after 3 month up 40 Lakhs.
  • Daily Collection via Mobile App.
  • SMS Facility.

Presently Society has strength of 1200 Business Associates / (Pigmy Agents).

1. One of the highest Commission Paying Society i.e. @ 4.5% + 0.5%* (*Terms & Conditions Applicable)
2. Provides LIFE Insurance facility to Business Associates, Insurance for Cash in Transit, Health Insurance etc.
3. Mobile App facility given to Business Associates for daily collection.
4. Only Society to felicitate Business Associates on Social Platform.
5. Various Incentive Schemes for Business Associates.
6. Business Associate can recommend one of their Relative to become Staff of A.A. (Terms & Conditions Apply)
7. Maximum finance through Business Associates in tune to Rs. 5000/- to 7500000/-
8. Offers Facility of 80% loans against Pigmy deposit.
9. Customer Friendly.