Our Mission

We help our clients identify their business and financial needs

Aditya Anagha Multi State Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd. Membership comes with an array of products, services and features that allow you to grow and manage your personal finances online, on-the-go or in a branch.

It’s everything you want from your financial partner.

Aditya Anagha Loans

At Aditya Anagha, we believe your journey should continue without any speed bumps. This is why we bring you customized Loans at competitive interest rates. To get started, check your loan eligibility using our simple loan calculators. You can submit your Loan application online in easy steps and avail the most attractive interest rates and comfortable repayment tenures. 

Personal Loan* @18%

Avail personal loan for holiday, home renovation & marriage at attractive interest rates

Self-Employed Loan* @18%

A self employed personal loan, exclusively for our self employed customers.

Salary Loan* @12%

A salary loan for an individual with a steady source of income and big dreams.

Emergency Loan* @18%

A catchall for a loan that is targeted to customers experiencing short-term financial emergencies.

Project Loan* @13%

Project loan to get all your projects done

Vehicle Loan* @12%

A financial assistance taken to purchase a vehicle with minimal initial payment from your own pocket.

Housing Loan* @8.5%

A home loan completely secured to purchase your dream property.

Mortgage Loan* @15%

Mortgage loans for our customer in few easy steps by offering their property as a security with us.

Cash Credit Loan* @15%

A short term loan for our customers’ businesses, financial institutions and companies to meet their working capital requirements.

Gold Loan* @9%

A secured loan by keeping your precious gold secure with us, to avail capital against it.

Hypothecation Goods Loan* @19%

Hypothecation loan for our customers against a certain asset secured with us in exchange for a loan.

Terms Loan* @15%

A term loan for a specific amount with a specified easy repayment schedule and a fixed/ floating interest rate.