Message From Founder

“Aditya- Anagha believes in Professionalism with Emotion.”

For Aditya-Anagha the success is meant first to develop the employee as a good human being rather than just a good performer. If he/she is a good person he/she would definitely become a good performer.

If you are professionally driven, you become a professional with the rigidity but if you drive professionalism with emotions, you are in the best of best. People needs sympathy, appreciation and motivation to perform and I think we are on the right track.

I agree that these all and various other aspects are must for success. At the same time I believe that the foremost secret for success is an exchange of thoughts and views between the management and the customers, management and the staff and between the Management and the agents, who are the real strength of the society.

Our Values.

Aditya Anagha provides you with all exceptional banking solutions under one roof. We care for our customers and hence we work with 100% transparency. We are a system and process driven organisation providing all kinds of financial assistance to our dear cutomers.


Customer Oriented


Teamwork & Unity