The Strength

We are here to Acelerate your business and help you find the way.

Mrs. Anagha Saraf

Founder/ Chief Promotor

Mr. Samir S. Saraf

Managing Director

Mrs. Seema Sahasrabhojanee

Asst. Managing Director (Operation)

Mr. Sanjeev S. Saraf

Asst. Managing Director (Business)

Mrs. Poonam Gurao

Asst. Managing Director (HR)

Mrs. Shanka Dubey

Asst. Managing Director (Business & Recovery)

Mrs. Damini Noukariya

Asst. Managing Director (Pigmy)

Mrs. Manisha Reddiwar

Sr. General Manager (Legal & Arbitration)

Mrs. Rekha Malhare

Sr. General Manager (Shares)

Mrs. Hiral Malve

Sr. General Manager (Finance)

Mrs. Madhuri Chavre

Sr.General Manager (Operation)

Mr. Shashank Kathale

General Manager (Audit)

Mr. Pravin Sherekar

Sr. Zonal Manager (Amravati Region)

Mr. Tushar Kulkarni

Zonal Manager (Amravati Region)

Mr. Milind Chatur

Zonal Manager (Amaravati Region)

Mr. Paritosh Manjure

Asst. Zonal Manager (MP Region)

Mr. Shatrughan Rakshiye

Asst. General Manager (Admin)

Mr. Jignesh Dalwadi

Asst. General Manager (EDP)

Mr. Upendra Tambekar

Regional Manager (Nagpur Division)

Mr. Sandeep Soni

Divisional Manager (Audit)

Mrs. Kalyani Chaurasia

Divisional Manager (Operation)

Mr. Shrikant Gedekar

Sr. Manager (Accounts)

Mr. Ankush Mulmule

Sr. Manager (Fund)

Mr. Saransh Joshi

Manager (Development)